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February 2014 Revision
I. Introduction ( hereinafter referred to as the "Site" ) by the Guangzhou Municipal By -colored brocade Garments Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as "Easternprofit" or "we" ) at all, and provide price consulting, order processing services. In a statement posted on this website product images and information belong to us all , if you have any questions about this website or these terms , or you get information or any product from this website you have any questions, you can contact us in the following ways :
Address: 20th Floor, 185 South Road, Yuexiu Nova Tower
Contact 020 -83,769,688
E-mail : [email protected]

Second, the use of this website
The terms and conditions and any other policies mentioned therein apply to any product you ordered on the website and allows you to Easternprofit consult any prices or order.
Easternprofit the right to make changes to the Terms timely . Our privacy and policy changes will be published on our website , updates will be posted on our website , you are welcome on a regular basis for questioning.
You agree that you provided when registering on this website misleading information does not exist in all respects , and the true, accurate , and such information is subject to change , you will notify our customer service staff , or online message .
Easternprofit use appropriate security measures to protect your information. However, you agree that even though we have taken reasonable steps to protect your information , any information transmitted over the Internet can not be guaranteed not to receive access to non- designated recipient , you will not be required in respect of the security issues that we have any liability , unless the Department due to our negligence caused.
Easternprofit may at any time decide to refuse you access this site. We may deny you access to the case , including , without limitation, we believe that your use of this site violates the behavior or respect for the provisions of any law or the rights of any third party .
Picture this website belong to us all , do not allow any other party to download or copy for other purposes. If the resulting loss of our interests that we need to be responsible for compensation and to ensure that our freedom from loss.
Easternprofit sole discretion to remove any information or your posts on this website .
 Third, purchase products
1. Accept orders
This site receives order information. You can register to become our member and submit orders online message or information through inquiry system, we will arrange for someone to respond to you , all orders are subject to our commitment to accept it or not . We can decide for any reason choose not to accept your order , and without liability to you. Cases we may not accept or do not reply to your order for example as follows :
(a) If the products displayed on this website out of stock , or description is inaccurate in any respect ;
(b) If we are unable to obtain valid information about your registration ;
(c), no special circumstances , accessories product orders will not be accepted less than 50 units of volume , depending on the product.
But we , as the inventory of accessories products , can provide necklaces , belts and retail services.
After you submit your order to us, we will arrange a professional business staff to contact you to introduce the details of the order.
On this website , all product prices currently no direct demonstration required by the system or inquiry Feedback on product pricing information for consultation.
Payment Terms
This site does not provide online payment function , understanding and related products after buying process orders , payment, tracking and delivery methods will explain our salesman.
Four , Easternprofit product development services
Product development in this part of the fourth Terms of Service apply to your use of this Site shall similar product , that product requirements of your order Products shall be adjusted ( such as color or style ) or the development of new products, are available through online message or Request for consultation.
You hereby acknowledge that you develop the authenticity of the product information , order through our audit requires that you provide a valid proof of personal or corporate information .
Product development services for the number of units of the same amount shall not be less than 100 .
In some cases, we may refuse to accept your order . Despite this requirement, we no obligation to review, evaluate , accept, reject any development product design submitted by the customer .
V. General Provisions
1 . Intellectual Property
All content provided on this website ( including, but not limited to, logos, text , data editing , graphics, icons, images , photographs , and software , as well as any combination of the foregoing ), and rests Easternprofit owned or licensed in the world by applicable copyright laws and treaties . All such rights are reserved.
Trademark , trademark graphical everything "Easternprofit" The non- graphical as well as on our products, the site appears accessories or packaging , and all other registered or unregistered marks, trade names , service marks , brand names , illustrations, images, logos ( collectively, the "Trade Marks"), are the exclusive property of the Department and is always Easternprofit in the world by applicable trademark laws and treaties . All such rights are reserved.
The site, the site description or offer products and those products , your order or any attachments associated with this website , packaging or appendages all other intellectual property rights, or above all other projects related to intellectual property ( collectively referred to as "intellectual property" ) , including but not limited to, the registered or unregistered trademarks, logos , designs, copyrights, patents, proprietary technology or trade secrets , are the exclusive property of the Department and is always Easternprofit in the world by applicable intellectual property laws and treaties . All such rights are reserved.
1.4 limited license
When subject to the terms and conditions , we grant you an irrevocable , non-exclusive license to access your personal purposes and for the use of this site , but such limited use license does not include the following rights:
(a) in any way be detrimental to the reputation or damage Easternprofit use of this website ;
(b) for any commercial or business purposes using this site , this site is for your personal use for the purpose ;
(c) use software robots , web spiders, crawlers , or similar data gathering or extraction tools, or take other actions may be unreasonably increase the burden of this website .
Easternprofit decide listed limited use license under this section terminated at any time without affecting in case you are in breach of the terms of that we give you for any reason , and / or any other remedy for breach of this clause may be claimed under the relevant laws.
2 Content
Easternprofit endeavors to ensure that its publication on the website information is accurate and complete. However , we do not guarantee the content or accuracy of other information provided on this website is correct . We do not promise functionality or content of this site is correct, no commitment on this website , content, and the content server is not infected with the virus , an error code or other potentially harmful components. We recommend that all users are sure you have installed the latest version of the virus killing software.
3 Data Protection
Easternprofit attaches great importance to protecting your privacy, based on this , Easternprofit adopt specific policies and security measures to protect your personal data, do not collect personal data of any age . You agree and understand that we can in accordance with our Privacy Policy collection, use, storage and handling
Modify this clause 4
We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time right . You and any sales contract between you and us , and are subject to a valid order from us your version of the terms of the relevant products .